December 10, 2022

22 Easy DIY Ways To Store LEGO You Can Try


If you find this post, you belong to one of the parents who are looking for ways to save Lego them regularly or you’ve often made the stress of home always believed thanks to Lego scattered. Don’t worry, I can say that you are not really alone. In fact, there are so many parents looking for ideas on search sites just to set up their kids Lego. If you are planning to renovate or change a kid’s room, maybe this is the best time to think of a Lego storage idea that will solve all the clutter. So, today I’m going to help you with some of the best and my favorite DIY storage projects that you can apply at home.

The question that always comes to my mind is why do we need to set up Lego? Even though these kids toys have a smaller size than their other toys. However, if you ignore it then be prepared to mess around with hundreds of pieces of Lego that you need to clean up every day. I believe there are many reasons why so many people choose to set up Lego on a scale that doesn’t make sense, and if you’re a parent then you really know this.


Setting up Lego will not only ease your burden with household chores, but also train children to learn discipline, especially when tidying up their toys. The DIY Lego storage idea is not only practical, to me it actually looks great. It is just like you see the room neat and orderly, will certainly make you happy. And seeing Lego organized with color codes, shapes, and neat shelves is a joy in itself.

However, among all the reasons above. The best thing about setting up Lego is that kids love it. They can easily find the Lego part they need and then quickly rebuild it that way. And you should know, the kids will be happy to keep their own Lego or assist you in managing their Lego. So, are you interested? Below are Lego storage ideas to inspire!

22 Easy DIY Lego storage ideas you can try



















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