December 10, 2022

5 Rainy Day Decor Ideas To More Cozy At Home

I don’t know why the rain always makes my heart feel good, maybe that’s why I always miss the rainy days that happen to come in these months. There is a feeling of calm when I hear the sound of raindrops or see water droplets from behind the window. It’s the best time to stay home or just daydream with a good book. For some reason, decorations rainy day really makes the house feel warmer, even when you decide to stay at home will be more fun.

There are so many rainy day decorations to implement at home, and I have some favorite corners to share. From a romantic rainy day bedroom to a reading corner that makes anyone reluctant to leave. Here are 5 of my best favorite rainy day decor ideas that might help you find your own favorite corner!

1. We start the rainy day with a cup of hot coffee and warm home-made cookies. Change your dining room into comfortable as possible by placing it near a window. You can enjoy breakfast while watching the water droplets coming down from behind the window

2. Even though it’s rainy day, it doesn’t mean you can’t work more productively. If you are still working from home, may decorate the workspace for a rainy day is the best choice. Set up a work table and use candles as lighting suitable for a rainy day

3. On a rainy day there is nothing more comfortable than curling up in a corner reading on a comfy sofa and getting lost in a good book. You can spend time in this area. Add curtains were comfortable with a decorative string lights that will improve your mood

4. Do you prefer to spend time in the bedroom on rainy days? Decorating a bedroom on a rainy day is the easiest as it is your private area. Decorate the bedroom however you want but make sure it makes you feel comfortable. The large windows, ornamental plants or lighting candles can be a good alternative for a rainy day

5. Apart from a reading corner with a comfortable chair, beanbags are also my favorite for rainy day decorations. The shape is flexible and can be adapted to any room, making it easier to place in every corner of the house

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