10 Cozy Rooms For Cold And Rainy Days

cozy room decor for rainy day

For some reason I really like the rain, probably because of the rain always makes me feeling comfortable and the cold rain always reminds me of some sweet memories that never passed. And the best time when it rains is to be at home with some good books or enjoy a cup of hot coffee while looking at the raindrops from the house window. If you feel like me then just you need a cozy room to do so, I guess it does not have to always be in the bedroom for any room in your house will look cozy with the right decor.

The first thing you have to have for a rainy day is to get rid of all the window curtains, quilts, table lamp, favorite books, and do not forget a cup of coffee or hot tea. If you want more evoke memories, music is the best way that you can try. Today I will take you to see the comfortable rooms for cold and rainy days. So be prepared for warm huddled in blankets or daydreaming at the window with a sweet inspirations below!

1. Window planters

Cloudy and rainy days don’t mean there’s no freshness indoors. You can place various collections of ornamental plants such as cacti and succulents near the window! Don’t forget, string lights will also make the atmosphere warmer and more cozy.

cozy bedroom with headboard plants

2. Stay cozy for work

For those of you who don’t like lazing around on rainy days, try turning your work space into an inviting place. This is an inspiring space with rainy views from outside. To do this, you can build a skylight above the work space.

cozy workspace with rain view

3. The best time to eat

The house will always feel warm when you are someone who sincerely prepares a meal for you. So, this is the right time to enjoy your favorite food or drink while being accompanied by raindrops from behind the window.

cozy dining area with see window rains

4. Cozy reading nook

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book on a rainy day. Get ready to be immersed in the sound of rain, a cup of hot coffee, and of course the story of your favorite novel.

cozy lounge chairs with rain views

5. Bedroom with skylight

Apart from a work space with a skylight, the bedroom is the most comfortable place to rest or daydream while looking at the sky from behind the glass window. Fill it with pillows, a blanket, some hanging plants, or even a hanging lamp to add ambiance.

cozy loft beds for rainy days

6. A window seat

This is a comfortable place where you can do many things, from relaxing, daydreaming, or your favorite reading corner on a rainy day. Create a small but cozy window seat.

cozy beds with books

7. Coffee nooks

Everyone has their own favorite corner to enjoy a cup of coffee, and a rainy day will make it even more perfect. You can turn the dining area, reading nook, or even a seat near the window into a pleasant place to drink coffee.

super cozy coffee table for rainy days

8. Room with a rain view

This super comfortable room will make anyone feel at home enjoying the rain all day long. Here you can do any activity, for example resting, daydreaming, listening to music, or even completing some tasks on the laptop. Large windows with views of the rain will lull anyone into a rainy atmosphere.

lovely cozy room decor with rain view

9. Tiny home office

There is a warm and calming feeling when I look at this home office. Even though it has a minimalist impression, it still feels cozy with lots of windows to enjoy the rainy atmosphere.

cozy home office with rain view

10. Mountain bedroom

Who doesn’t want to be in a cabin on a mountain with an outdoor view on a rainy day? This is everyone’s dream bedroom, where it is just you and the beautiful landscape.

rainy days with cozy bedrooms

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