5 Minimalist Indoor Garden Ideas For Limited Space

Home garden is sometimes a part that is not noticed. Many people think that a garden can only be made outdoors, even though by utilizing limited land such as indoors, you can still make a dream garden. The existence of the indoor garden is not only creating more green atmosphere and fresh, but as an alternative for those who do not land in the outdoors.

A minimalist style garden can be a great choice to apply to your room. You can start from unused places such as under stairs, walls, to the balcony area. Grow more green paradises in your home, and in the following I have summarized the 5 best indoor garden ideas that you should have at home.

1. Under the stairs

Under the stairs is a narrow area that is most often neglected. In fact, this area if used properly can become a garden area to beautify the room. Start with a few potted plants, then move on to hanging your favorite plants. Arrange it in such a way as to get the garden design you want.


2. Kitchen Planters

The kitchen is the best place to display a wide variety of plants. You can make a small garden in this area such as growing herbs or mini houseplants. My favorite is the kitchen window, enough lighting with an open concept makes the room feel fresher.


3. Bathroom

We all know the bathroom is an area to clean and refresh the body. However, what if this area became a place of relaxation at the same time? Creating a garden in the bathroom is a brilliant idea like being in nature. The green and water elements fit perfectly into any garden style.


4. Patios Garden

Terrace house usually leave an empty area that gives the impression of a vacuum in any space. But this time we will turn it into a beautiful and comfortable minimalist garden. Put a variety of your favorite houseplants here, then arrange and match your patio furniture.


5. Balcony Gardens

For those of you who live in urban areas, you must be familiar with apartment balconies. Perhaps this area is the only place connected to the outdoors. If you are lucky to have a balcony, why not create a minimalist garden here? Balcony garden is not only practical, but also gives you a green feel in the middle of the city.


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