30 Modern Indoor Garden Ideas For This Summer

Summer is the best time for gardening, planting various vegetables and beautifying the look of the house with refreshing green shades. But not many people are willing to have to heat up in the sun, maybe because of health reasons or indeed you do not have land for gardening outside. This post I will invite you to put more green vibrations into the room. This is a modern indoor garden that is suitable to make summer more beautiful. Use all your gardening skills and build your own summer paradise at home!

Still like the previous years, I always look forward to summer are more enthusiastic than other seasons. Besides being a memorable vacation every year, summer gives warmth almost wherever I am. No exception when it comes to summer decoration, it means holiday decorations everywhere, tropical plants, reclining chairs, and warm sunshine. This year it might be difficult to leave the house, and to overcome boredom, the first thing I think about is trying indoor gardening. Good news for you environmentalists because there are many useful things that you can get when we decide to decorate an indoor garden.

Anyone who wants their house to feel fresh and want to reduce the heat a little outside, you should start to put some plants in the room. Houseplants are everyone’s favorite, because they will beautify the room with a natural look. Try to select plants that are resistant to sunlight is minimal, easy in maintenance, and according to the theme of your summer. Some types of tropical plants such as ornamental bananas, monstera, philodendron and cactus look good for any space. Place them in areas exposed to direct sunlight such as on windows, doors or under an open roof.













Summer is the best time to be outside, and if lately you miss this opportunity. Try to create a fresh feel in the room, and you will feel like a vacation. Living room with indoor plants can give a natural feel to any style, green home office will make you feel comfortable working at home, and put the plants on the balcony is a great alternative to relax. Whatever your choice for summer, trying indoor gardening can be a good choice to fill your free time and get around the limitations of space. Scroll down and find more indoor plant inspiration for this summer!

















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