20 Fun IKEA Kallax Hacks That Kid-friendly


Every kid who grew up had more goods than the parents have, the better their toys, clothing, to objects favorite little guy. The number of items that are growing doesn’t make your room bigger, and it’s no wonder the house is often messy even though you’ve been tidying it all the time.

It’s times like these that you need IKEA Kallax ideas and hacks to organize and create functional storage spaces in the kid’s room. This cube storage system is very practical and easy to hack into any unit you want. Brand could be shelves, cabinets, even one with a fun play space. You can find your favorite one here, and hack it to create lots of unexpected new uses.

Kid-friendly hacks

Age children usually like to explore to try something new. A good and kid-friendly storage system is definitely needed to make it easier for your little one to find and store their own things. IKEA Kallax is a storage solution that’s nice and really looks nice for kids room. The IKEA Kallax hack will help you get organized in a fun and creative way. You can combine a bench as well as a storage unit underneath or create an open shelf to store your little one’s favorite books. You can use this shelf either vertically or horizontally, of course this method will make it easier for you to adjust to the size of the room you have.












Practical, easy and efficient

If you are looking for an easy and practical children’s storage unit, IKEA Kallax can fit any storage option. They are very efficient because they have several options including sliding boxes, drawer inserts, as benches, and much more. In terms of storage capacity, Kallax cube configuration offers a very large amount of storage. The Kallax series comes in many different configurations as to size, from relatively small 2 x 2 cube sizes to 5 x 5 cube configurations for large capacities, and several sizes in between. So, no matter how big or small your kids’ space is, there’s always a place for the best storage unit.









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