November 30, 2022

24 Awesome Reading Nook Ideas For Kids Hideaway

Children love finding their own hiding place, and combining it with a reading nook is the right decision. We all know that very nice reading nook to take the children to learn something and improve their intelligence by reading. Some kids may be happy with fairy tales or fantasy stories, which makes this hideaway reading nook more enjoyable for them. And when you decide to build a reading nook as a hiding place, then there are various easy and amazing ways to take advantage of unexpected spaces.

From the cozy closet nook to the cool area under the stairs to the built-in reading nook that won’t take up much space. This is a reading angle idea that every child wants. Create their own world and insert a comfortable reading area to dream of!

1. Built In Nook

Built-in reading nook is perfect for small spaces. You can build it anywhere you want. Place it on the wall, or a simpler way by adding a few cabinets and benches in the corner of the room. You can completely hide them or remain as it is, though small built-in reading nook stay as comfortable as a favorite area children. Add bookshelves, lamp decorations and wallpapers to make the room feel more spacious.







2. Closet Nook

For those of you who don’t have a lot of space as a hiding place especially for a reading nook, try to use the existing space such as a closet or wardrobe. Here you can more easily add a variety of furniture such as a small bookcase, mat child, stool, or add a curtain to hide. Children will love this because basically children really like to play in the closet.









3. Under stairs nook

The last idea came from an unexpected area at home. Who would have thought the area under the stairs can also be converted into a reading nook at the same time the perfect hiding place. This is a comfortable area that makes children enjoy time with their favorite books. An area where they can learn, play as well as safe hiding places like they dreamed of.




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