November 30, 2022

12 Creative Ways Makeover Balconies For Picnic

Having a home garden is the dream of most people, but not if you live in an apartment or dense urban area. The narrowness of the land and only leaving a little space outside makes you often forget that even the smallest outdoor area can be turned into an entertainment zone and even a family picnic area. No matter how big the balcony you have, you can always make it look attractive with a little touch of the holidays.

This small area that is usually neglected can become the only outdoor entertainment area. From placing a private dining area to creating your favorite garden. Today I hope to restore confidence on your small balcony.

These 12 creative balcony ideas are designed to make your dream of the ultimate picnic area a reality. From nature-inspired, bohemian touches, to eclectic charm. Create an entertainment area on your little balcony for the whole family.

1. Private garden

For your convenience, try creating a private garden on your small balcony. Put a fence, outdoor furniture, and some pretty chair cushions. This is a hidden area that will become a favorite every weekend.


2. Bohemian style

For some reason, the bohemian style is always beautifully applied outdoors, including the balcony. Boho touch integrated with nature makes your balcony feel greener and refreshing. Create a relaxing area with umbrella shades of vacation.


3. Cozy sunroom

Combining a balcony with a sunbathing area is a fun idea for you to try. Besides making you feel comfortable, this area will warm you on cold days.


4. Beach inspired

Bringing a holiday vibe to a small balcony can be done by choosing the right theme like this beach-inspired balcony. Wooden floors, vintage-style chairs, and tropical plants make the atmosphere even more cozy.


5. Summer fun

In summer, the balcony is the best area to spend time outdoors. Create your summer balcony by placing brightly colored furniture.


6. Moroccan design

Want your balcony to look luxurious and exotic? Try applying a Moroccan design to your small space. This design has bold colors and shapes, and is a favorite of many interior designs.


7. Lemon fresh

The yellow tones of lemon can be a great inspiration for a holiday balcony. Use yellow furniture, lemon plants, and don’t forget string lights to create a relaxed atmosphere.


8. Balcony gardening

Have a hobby of gardening but don’t have an outdoor garden? Don’t worry, now you can do everything on a small balcony including gardening. The easiest way is to put a lot of potted plants, but you can also create a raised bed garden for certain crops.


9. Outdoor party

If there are many members of your family at home, there is no harm in making outdoor party on the balcony area. Place a dining table set, favorite dishes, and a hammock for the kids.


10. Planter Inspired

Bring a green and fresh feel to your balcony by turning it into your own favorite garden. Place various types of ornamental plants as an oasis in the middle of the city.


11. Romantic vibe

The balcony can be the most romantic place in the house with the right setting. In addition to the comfortable textile, dim lighting and soothing will bring you to your couple.


12. Tropical paradise

Tropical themes are always successful in adding the impression of an outdoor holiday. Like a balcony with a tropical vibe, this is the best area to enjoy a weekend getaway.


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