Creative Ways To Repurpose Attic Room With Window Decor

The attic room may be the last thing on your list when it comes to decorating your home. The reason is, this room is often neglected because it is considered dirty and stuffy. However, did you know that the attic space can also be turned into a beautiful room like a room in general? The key lies in adding window decorations that make this room lighter.

Almost like a balcony, the attic room can also be an additional room if used properly. The trend of attic windows may have existed for a long time, but when it comes to design and style, roof windows come with a variety of unique and attractive options for various uses. If by any chance you currently need extra space such as a bedroom, home office, to the bathroom. Here’s a creative way to repurpose attic with window decorations that will give you more room in your home. Curious as to what? Here’s the inspiration!

Bright and open living room


Create a different feel for each guest who comes to your home. This living room lets natural sunlight into the attic thanks to the use of multiple large windows. For the interior, give bright colors to the walls and furniture for a more spacious impression.

Quiet and private home office


The most important thing when you want to build a home office is a quiet area without a lot of distractions. No one will think that if you work in the attic, this is a cool idea as well as giving you the best place to get every job done. For additional light, you can place the attic window just above the work table.

Sleep while looking at the stars


Have you ever dreamed of sleeping under the stars? Now your wish will be realized by building a bedroom in the attic. Not only comfortable on a rainy day, the sky view from the attic window allows you to enjoy the night atmosphere without having to be outside.

Cozy reading nook in the attic


A bibliophile has always dreamed of a cozy reading nook to curl up with a good book. If you want a quiet and comfortable area, create your dream reading nook in the attic. Place your favorite reading chair under a window and add extra lighting if needed.

Attic window seating


Not only functioned for certain rooms. A small attic window can also be used as a window seat. Although small, this area can be your favorite place to spend time either when you want to relax or enjoy the rain from behind the window.

Attic playroom


Creating a special playroom for your little one does require a large amount of space and budget. And if the room at home is not possible, you can use the attic as a play room. In addition to an open concept with large windows, change the floor with a warm and comfortable wooden feel.

Open closet in the attic


The windows in the attic actually give an open and unique impression to any room. This closet is no exception, which is practical for storing lots of clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Its location at the top still provides privacy when you want to do any activity here.

Nature inspired bathroom


This bathroom is inspired by nature. Placing lots of indoor plants with a cozy bohemian feel. Its location in the attic allows natural sunlight to enter from several large windows. The need for sufficient sunlight to make each plant can grow optimally.

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