February 21, 2024

10 Best Paint Color Trends For Minimalist Living Room

A minimalist living room is now the choice of many people for their interior style. Besides being easy and practical in setting, this living room design is very suitable to be applied to small dwellings. However, there is also a thought that minimalist living room can not be flexible in terms of choosing paint colors. However, this assumption is not entirely true, the proof is that this living room actually makes it easier for you to determine the appropriate color for paint on the walls.

Specific paint color options can create the impression that vast if implemented correctly, this is also true for those of you who have small living room or in minimalist style. The limited space minimizes the use of excessive wall paint colors, while the design of this living room makes it easier for you to choose the color according to your taste. For those of you who are still confused, here I recommend 10 best paint color trends for minimalist living room that you can use as inspiration.

1. Gray living room paint color

Gray is one of the most popular colors for the living room. This color is presenting the impression of calm and suitable for vintage and retro atmosphere. This color will be even better when combined with soft tones such as white or green.


2. White living room paint color

White is a neutral color that is most often applied to the living room. Not only on the walls. This color is also used for furniture and other accessories. If you like a minimalist living room design with a warm look, then white will make it feel more comfortable.


3. Pink living room paint color

Pink is often synonymous with soft and feminine colors, which is why pink is very liked by women. You can choose a pink living room to bring a soft and subtle vibe, but still give the living room a strong character without going overboard.


4. Yellow living room paint color

The yellow color symbolizes happiness and make anyone excited when I see it. You can try a yellow living room if you like an interior with a cheerful feel. Very good applied to a bright living room with natural light rays.


5. Black living room paint color

If you are a man who likes masculine and elegant style, then a black living room is the best choice for your style. In order not to be too dark, you can place some nuanced furniture or place plants in the room to make it comfortable.


6. Red living room paint color

This living room looks bold with a festive red look. Apply this color if you want to make it feel warm, especially during the festive season.


7. Green living room paint color

The green color always gives a natural and refreshing impression to any space, including the living room. Apply this color into your living room as well as a pleasant relaxation area. Put some ornamental plants, natural wall decorations, then combine them with wooden furniture.


8. Light blue living room paint color

Blue can be divided into several colors, but light blue and navy blue are the most popular for interior colors. Like this light blue living room which will give a calm and peaceful feel to the living room.


9. Navy blue living room paint color

For those who like a more stylish living room, you can choose navy blue as an option. This color is indeed the right choice because it gives a peaceful and calming feeling to the living room.


10. Peach living room paint color

Peach color has a strong and distinctive character. At first glance, this color is almost similar to pink, but peach also has a dominant orange color. Choose a peach color for the living room if you like a fresh and bright look.


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