7 Favorite Interior Color Ideas For Minimalist Spaces

Adding wall paint color is the easiest way to determine the overall feel of the interior. The wrong wall color choice will not only make your room look gloomy but also make the occupants feel uncomfortable. Then what kind of wall paint color best suits your room? Of course, special consideration is needed to determine the right wall paint color, such as the concept of the room or the theme you want to display.

There are lots of wall paint color inspirations that will be trending this year. However, the minimalist interior style is still the choice of many people because it can give the room a warm, comfortable, elegant feel and feels spacious. If by chance you are looking for wall paint color ideas for a minimalist room, here are 7 of our favorite wall paint colors that you might like!

1. Beige Color


Beige is a basic color that is often chosen to present a minimalist interior impression. Beige has a cream-like appearance but is softer and warmer. Choose this color in the interior to strengthen the minimalist concept that you want to present, while giving the impression of being calm and comfortable in the house.


2. Blush Color


At first glance, the blush color is almost like a lighter, more neutral pink. This color is perfect for those of you who like a feminine style, it’s even easy to combine with some furniture with darker colors. This contrasting color combination is not excessive for a more elegant minimalist interior.


3. Mint Green Color


Bring a cool and fresh feel to your room by choosing a mint green wall paint color. Mint green is one of the lightest and most neutral shades of green that can make a room feel more spacious. You can combine it with other neutral colors such as white or gray, while furniture with wood elements balances the interior appearance.


4. White Bone Color/Broken White


Slightly different from bright white wall paint, bone white or broken white gives the appearance of a clean, spacious home, but still feels warm. Even though this color is not as bright as white in general, any room will feel more comfortable using this color choice.


5. Light Gray Color


Who doesn’t know the light gray color which is synonymous with minimalist interior style? This color has a very attractive neutral appearance when applied to home interiors, especially when you combine it with wooden elements, such as wooden floors or wooden furniture.


6. Brown Color


Brown is a color that symbolizes earth and soil. This color choice is perfect for minimalist style housing because it gives the impression of a warm and comfortable room. You can use a softer brown option as the wall paint color, then combine it with beige or darker furniture.


7. Peach Color


Peach color is a combination of pale and orange colors. When you apply it to a minimalist room, this color will give the impression that it is wider and warm. Peach is included in the range of pastel colors so it is easy to combine with other colors, even contrasting colors.


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