February 23, 2024

20 Trendy Planter Bookends To Bring Style At Home

Books are not just reading, with the right settings you can insert your favorite readings in a mini park that will enhance your shelf style

Some people treat books so valuable, they even consider each book to have sentimental value that sometimes cannot be valued in money. Instead of having to leave your books under the table or in a cupboard, try presenting them with great ideas that are inspired by nature. Succulent probably the most meritorious here, they are super-mini and can be placed almost anywhere in pots with beautiful stonework. Blending plants and bookends might sound a little difficult, but today I see a lot of people doing it on Pinterest. They add greenery to any book collection, when you choose to look stylish, this collection of bookends is worth considering.

Bookends plants do not require much space, you just adjust the design of the pot and plant species are shown with your favorite book. Some projects even become my favorite DIY, and the great thing is they only need to be watered once in a week. Want to try!




















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