December 10, 2022

How To Decor Double Bedroom With Gaming Room For Teens

Teens usually happy to express themselves and do whatever they like, including in terms of decorating the bedroom. For teenagers, the bedroom is not only a place to unwind or rest, but this room is also a place for fun entertainment. Among the many bedroom themes, the game room is perhaps the most popular. Starting from placing a gaming PC as entertainment to making cool battlestations for comfortable gaming. Here are 7 double bedroom ideas with easy gaming space, even for a small space.

Although currently the idea of a gaming bedroom is in great demand by teenage boys, along with its development many young women also enjoy playing games. They will be willing to spend hours and hours just to play in the room, and that’s why decorating the bedroom is very convenient to you. Are you curious about our selected combination bedroom combination? Here we select the best ideas for you.

1. This bedroom is relatively small in size, only enough for one small bed. The minimalist gaming table is added complete with comfortable gaming chairs. Luckily, there are a fairly large window with a view of the city cool

2. Create your own battlestation in the bedroom. Black color options look cool here with a good storage system is very helpful in organizing your combat gear

3. The teenage bedroom look elegant and futuristic thanks to a clever play of light. Even though the setup is simple, it’s just one bed with a gaming table but I like the selection of the lighting in a few different colors

4. For a gamer, electronic equipment is very important for their smooth game play. Like this bedroom with three gaming monitors and one large screen that looks cool in the corner of the room

5. Believe it or not, nowadays many girls also like playing games. This bedroom although it looks feminine with pink colors and lots of adorable dolls, but wait until you see what’s on the table

6. Do you want the bedroom as well as the game room that looks simple and modern? This simple wooden table with black accents should be on your list

7. The wood element is my favorite for any room. You can also apply it to a double bedroom. Add that looks futuristic LED lights on the wall, do not forget the wall storage unit will help you organize the game

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