September 24, 2023

20 Industrial-Chic Bedroom Design With Exposed Brick


Like the look of a masculine bedroom but with a warm feel? the industrial-chic trend is the most popular style, especially for urban residences to apartments. It is all about mixing raw materials, from concrete, blocks of clothes, wood to exposed brick walls to create the aesthetic of a man’s cave.

Among the many industrial elements, the use of exposed brick as an accent wall is the main attraction. Completely change the room design to suit your style and personality. Exposed brick walls not only make a room look unique, their presence also saves money because you don’t need cement or wall paint.

Even though an industrial bedroom may not look completely finished, the exposed brick creates a visual that gives the room a homey feel. You can add a wall or transform an entire wall into an exposed brick look. Take inspiration from this cool bedroom that has been elevated with an industrial, modern to rustic twist and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!


Mix bedroom patterns and styles

Not everything industrial style is cold. There are many ways to keep your room bright even with a minimalist appearance. Mix several elements with different patterns, for example a modern bedroom will look bright using furniture or textiles in neutral colors such as white or gray. If you are a man and a fan of masculine style, then this bedroom design is definitely what you are looking for. However, you can still combine it with a variety of different styles as needed. Do you want a minimalist look? modern? rustic? or country style? you only need to add exposed bricks on one of the walls of the room.









Exposed brick wall for bedroom

We all know, exposed brick walls are an element that we often see in contemporary homes or industrial-style interiors. Apart from being semi-finished, rooms with exposed bricks are part of your style statement. A man knows what they like, including adding style to their space. It doesn’t have to look fancy or complicated, sometimes the simple and most basic things like a brick wall are more than enough to make them feel comfortable. There are many ways to display your style and one of them is by changing the bedroom which incidentally is the most private room in the house. Find more of your favorite brick bedroom ideas below!











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