27 Beautiful Praying Room Ideas For This Ramadan

Just a few days before Ramadan, have you cleansed your heart and are ready to increase your faith? Ramadan this year may not be as vibrant as in previous years, but it will not make Muslims not fasting and faith. This is the best time to get closer to God, and decorating the prayer room is the first thing I think of when entering the month of Ramadan.

Create Calm And Beautiful Nuances

When it comes to a praying room, it means a quiet area without interference. Your goal for prayer is to seek purity of the soul, especially during Ramadan your reward for worship will be increased many times. A prayer room is a sacred place where you pray, ask for help, and reflection on all of your sins. Creating a calm atmosphere will greatly affect the quality of your worship, which is why try to decorate the prayer room away from crowded areas such as family rooms, entertainment rooms or other spaces that are often family gathering places. Should not be large prayer room, take advantage of every inch of your home and adjust to fit with the concept of what you want. Do you just want to make a private praying room or can be used for all family members? Today there are many prayer room inspirations that are hard for you to miss.













Add Decoration And Green Thumb

Creating praying rooms at home has proven to be very helpful in increasing your faith. Maybe this is our first Ramadan where we have to stay at home, so decorating the prayer room can be a fun activity ahead of the month of Ramadan. Decorate prayer rooms with a variety of interesting ornaments such as adding the shape of the mosque in the front area, adding a comfortable carpet, wall hangings or posters that motivate your worship. Islam teaches to live always clean, and a praying room were clean will be better in terms of quality of worship.

Adding plants in the room is a good alternative to the prayer room. The house will look beautiful and refreshing if there is a green thumb that becomes part of the interior, of course this also applies to prayer rooms. There have been many inspiration prayer room design with natural inspiration, and you can also find it in this post.














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