Ascot Vale House By Taylor Knights

Although this house is the period of the 1940s, Tayor Knights have given a modern update on a site located in the valley Ascot, Melbourne. It is a work of love with all the splendor one would expect from an art deco residence. The former building is actually quite simple, only having two bedrooms in an efficient arrangement. The house is currently occupied by a young family with two active children, and now it is time for the next stage of this home life.

The site is located in a unique environment, the grid is set to 45 degrees from true north. To best capture light in new and existing spaces, architects are turning away from the standard and perhaps more efficient “box-on-the-back” design response, and instead redefining the extension axis, drawing at the point of the compass. The result is a new addition that rotates east, peeling off from the original house and able to provide a new source of light to the internal space from the north, east, and south. The new room is surrounded by a series of light field and garden that serves as a background of lush bright and striking into space.

Having a shared love of exposed brick and natural materials, along with clients exploring ways to embrace and enhance the original details of intricate bricks and hardwoods throughout new additions, staying true to the home’s heritage while still providing a modern update. The fine detail and accent formed the inspiration for the period palettes and patterns on the entire project.

“Redefining the axes of the extension to draw upon the compass points, resulting in an addition that cranks to the east, peeling away from the original home and providing light to internal spaces from the north, east and south”

photography: derek swalwell

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