December 4, 2023

Two Space House Concept With Country Styles In Israel


A residence with an area of 250 square meters is one of the interesting two-room concepts. Designed by Itsik Niv architect located in Moshav, north of Sharon on farmland, Israel. The building really feels warm because it displays a local country style with a lot of European and American influences.

Consists of two spaces that all become one unified whole. The first room is a private area for the parents’ bedroom and the children’s bedroom which is connected perpendicular to the other rooms. Meanwhile, the second room becomes an open public area overlooking outer space, distant views and a swimming pool.

This public space is a family favorite because it is designed with a gallery floor on the roof and is located above the living room overlooking some public spaces from the ground floor. This area is equipped with a pool deck, hammocks, outdoor dining area, and many other entertainments.



The use of large glass doors is an open concept of this house. Replacing a glass wall, this door design displays an elegant minimalist style.



A cozy outdoor dining area as well as a family favorite chill out area. Located by the pool with a roof pergola that lets some of the sun’s rays in slowly. You will enjoy a pleasant dining atmosphere with a touch of the beautiful countryside.




Not only displays the impression of the countryside. Inside, you will find more interesting things such as Scandinavian style on modern furniture.



architect: Itsik Niv

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