24 Soothing Living Room Decor Ideas For Eid Mubarak

A month after we fast, the time will come for victory. Eid al-Fitr is the peak of Muslim celebrations, this is the best time to meet, gather, gather and forgive one another. Then there is no other way than to decorate your living room so that it feels soothing to welcome Eid. Want to know what ideas living room Eid trend this year? Next I have put together a living room gallery that will help you find the best space ideas or additional accessories that are good for Eid.

Islamic Nuance With Wall Decoration And Calligraphy

Islam is famous for beautiful Arabic calligraphy. Usually it contains the prayers and names of God. Placing Islamic calligraphy is a great addition to your living room, this way is quite easy and you do not even have to change the whole room nuances of Islam. If you think that calligraphy usually has a high price, try using other alternatives such as posters or wall stickers that are still nuanced in Islam. Any living room will feel more soothing with this decorating idea.

Make a good impression for all who come to your home for only Eid we can meet with our brothers far. This is a great opportunity to show that you welcome them with beautiful living room decorations. Chat time becomes even more fun with the addition of a soothing Islamic nuance.












Choose An Appropriate Living Room Theme

Although you are free to determine the decoration for the living room. But also consider a few things to fit the spirit of Eid. Moroccan, Arabic or Scandinavian style is the best for this living room. It doesn’t have to be fancy or really modern. Eid is about simplicity and open our hearts to each other. This is what makes Eid al-Fitr always special for Muslims who always come every year.












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