November 30, 2022

22 Creative Ways To Create Plant Stands From Cinder Block

Turning unused material into something useful for your life is a unique challenge that requires creativity. Like the plant stand made of cinder block, it brings a unique impression and blends with the surrounding environment. Maybe this time you know cinder block is only used as a building material or the wall of the house, but sometimes always wrote a building material is left behind around the house and even make it look cluttered. Cinder blocks are usually combined with boards or wood to be turned into storage racks, bookshelves, or plant stands. Today I want to inspire you about creative ways to make a plant rack from cinder blocks. The material is sturdy, inexpensive and easily obtained the best choice if you are bored with plant stand made of iron or wood. Put them indoor or outdoor and you will get a cool plant stand that you can make yourself in just a few minutes.

Indoor cinder block plant

Besides being a bookshelf or display rack of goods at home, cinder blocks can also be used as a beautiful plant stand. Put them in any room according to your wishes, shape and easily prepared boxes made of cinder block into a decor that is quite unique. You can make your own cinder block stand or combine it with other storage units to make the room more functional. Put them as a dish in the living room, family room or as a plant rack in your home office. Placing indoor plants does have great benefits for the health and beauty of the home.











Outdoor cinder block plant

If you like gardening and want something different for your garden, try making a DIY cinder block outdoor plant stand. Create a variety of forms of plant stands that will beautify your garden from making potted tables, plant shelves to blend with the fence of the house. You can also have fun with cinder block bar counter, enjoying the summer outdoors and spending time with family or friends.











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