16 Best DIY IKEA Shoe Cabinet With Bissa And Hemnes


Whether you realize it or not, shoe storage units sometimes require more attention than anything else. As we know, shoes have become one of the items or accessories that we use on a daily basis most of the time. That is why you will have more than one pair of shoes at home. If you ignore it, sooner or later these various shoe collections can become a problem in itself and it’s possible that you will soon need a shoe cabinet.

We can never be completely satisfied when it comes to the IKEA hack. Like shoe cabinet inspiration dedicated to the best IKEA shoe cabinet hacks. Introducing IKEA Bissa and Hemnes, they are one of the popular products and have been used by many interior designers. These two collections are simple yet elegant, designed to be placed in the entrance hall or anywhere with limited space. Its main function, of course, is to store your shoes and other items.

Bissa and Hemnes can be hacked as you wish. This includes painting it, adding a different pull or grip, coating it with plywood, or blending it with other units. Here we’ve put together some IKEA shoe cabinet inspiration with Bissa and Hemnes for you to copy at home!


IKEA Bissa has a shape like a small shoe cabinet that is simple and minimalist. This cabinet is ideal to be placed in the entrance hall or any area because Bissa does not take up much space. However, you can even hack into these little parts or create your own DIY projects in a variety of ways to make it fit better. The easiest way is to paint it, layer it with patterns, add knobs or handles, and much more. For an aesthetic look, cover the cabinet with a wooden table or use other coatings to make it look elegant.









Much like IKEA Bissa, the Hemnes shoe cabinet is also a simple and plain storage place, but has a slightly larger size. For an added DIY touch, you can paint and color to get the look of your own creations. Before you get started, pick any color that suits your room and add a contrasting table to make a statement. You can make it look modern, minimalist or rustic. Replacing knobs and handles is probably the best way to change cabinets, and won’t cost a lot of money.









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