December 10, 2022

20 Creative Ways To Use Aquascaping Plants For Diorama Look

Many are still confused what is Aquscape? Is it the same as an aquarium or has many differences. For those of you who are just starting a hobby Aquascape or the beginner, you should know that Aquascape is an art to arrange the plants, water, stone, coral, wood and other components into a beautiful diorama. So if the aquarium focuses only on the beauty of fish, then Aquascaping includes a variety of more detailed components. Many people design their Aquascape to make it look attractive and pleasing to the eye, ranging from the selection of themes, types of plants that are easy to care to choose a diorama that suits your imagination.

Then what exactly is meant by diorama? If you are an aquascaper then you need to first understand the meaning of dioramas. Basically diorama is a kind of miniature three-dimensional scenes depict the sights or something you want to display. And in this case we will decorate Aquascape so that it has a cool diorama to beautify the Aquascape. Among the many Aquascape dioramas, I have collected two of the most popular aquascaping themes with 30 ideas that are no less amazing. Starting from auspicious natural-themed themes to the phenomenal cliff theme. Do not miss!

Nature Aquascaping

Nature themes are the easiest and most widely used by aquascapers throughout the world. This is a technique to bring a natural feel to the aquarium by adding plants, stone, wood, moss and various other elements. With the concept of nature, your Aquascape becomes a relaxation area that will spoil your eyes. Some natural Aquascape like the theme of forest, river and beach are very popular nowadays.










Cliff Aquascaping

If you love the mountains and cliffs, this theme will be suitable for your Aquascape. The appearance of steep cliffs in contrast to the beauty of green water plants creates quite unique dioramas. You can add waterfalls or real trees on the cliff to get a more elegant look.











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