Back To Nature: How To Bring Green Colors For Interior


Every year interior color trends keep changing, but there is one color that is always timeless and popular. This seems to be an excellent year for color especially if you want to get back to nature. Maybe in the last few years you’ve always found green paint on the interior lines. Not because there are no other color options but green really brings serenity and comfort to any interior style.

Green interior color always succeeds in calming and restoring one’s balance. That means being closer to nature, and you guessed it this involves greens and neutral colors. I’m quite interested in bringing green paint into the interior, basically a dark green to an earthy olive color. Although I also love the bright and cheerful effect of seaside greens but I will opt for earthy green tones that remind us of the forests, meadows, trees and crunching leaves that I always fell in love with.

To bring a cozy atmosphere into a green room, here are some tips and inspiration!


Green color with indoor plants

Putting green plants or flowers in the room is believed to be able to make the air feel fresher. In addition, this green plant can beautify the appearance of the paint on the walls of the house. Add your favorite plants as part of the interior style, it can be a plant pot, flower vase, then display it on a table, cupboard, or any area you want. Any activity at home will feel more refreshing with a combination of green paint and indoor plants.





Paint the doors and windows green

Doors and windows are important components that we first see before leaving or after arriving home. This element of decoration can be the main focus that you should pay attention to. Start by painting the doors and windows an elegant green. You can also display a cool impression by choosing a light green color or a combination of bright wall colors. Another idea, create an open space concept with large green windows that connect to the outside.



Painting the room green

The easiest way to make a room feel fresh is to repaint a room at home. In this case you can use any green color that suits your taste. Combine it with a variety of other colors so that the room doesn’t look monotonous, such as green with black or white, green with brown or beige, and tropical colors, namely blue and yellow. To get a warm impression, you can mix and match various colors.

I believe that pleasant colors can lift the mood and lift the spirits of every householder for the better, especially if you are a person who likes serenity, peace, and happiness in life.







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