February 3, 2023

32 Creative DIY IKEA TROFAST Hacks For Kids Space

One of the highlights of IKEA TROFAST is that they are very kid-friendly, making it easy to store items of various sizes and can be adapted to space requirements. TROFAST has a solid frame and a box that can be assembled according to your taste, it can even be combined with other furniture such as cabinets child, bench or table. If you are bored with the standard TROFAST look, then today I will invite you to hack TROFAST to fit the needs of a child’s room. Not only being a furniture for storage, TROFAST can also be a part of children’s activities ranging from learning to play. Let’s continue to follow how to creatively use TROFAST as a multifunctional storage for kids.

Let the children organize and store their own belongings

TROFAST is designed to make it easier for children to reach, explore and find their belongings. Consisting of a solid wood frame and lightweight plastic box which is easily pulled out, take it and put it back by children. This furniture has a low design so your kid can reach or arrange anything they need. TROFAST now comes in colorful boxes but if you prefer plain boxes then you can add variations to the box like stickers or labels to organize kids items. Put them in the playroom, kids room or become part of the desk as a place for books or pencils. Combine TROFAST with a flat top as a study table and playground. The combination of these two furniture will give a wider storage space, make a table and place TROFAST toy storage.





Use TROFAST as a bookshelves or other storage

TROFAST is not just a toy storage box. Try using them instead of bookshelves. Just like its function, design of low storage allows children to save and reach their own favorite books without difficulty. In addition, you can also integrate a child storage cupboard. Its size is not too large so it is possible to place it in a child’s room, even with limited area.






Take advantage of every part for whatever storage is needed

There are no restrictions on what items you can store. And sometimes some things have memories that are too dear to keep in a closed place. Take advantage of the top TROFAST storage as a table or to display your old collections or organize items that are not fit to be kept in the box TROFAST. Arrange them in such a way and arrange them to make them look neater.












Get two benefits at once, storage and comfortable seating

Take advantage of the top TROFAST fairly broad as seating or a cozy reading corner for children. A strong wooden frame can hold the weight of several children at once even until they grow up. Add foam or a mat and some colorful cushions to make it look more attractive.


Put it wherever you want it

TROFAST storage not only can be used for children’s rooms but also in any room you want like a kitchen or home office. Practical solutions to get around the limitations of space to store a wide range of equipment that you need. Our favorite is in the kitchen, the top of TROFAST storage can be used as a mini kitchen table for children while the bottom shelf for other kitchen equipment.





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