10 Cool Bathroom Walls That Need To Copy

Your small bathroom can look cool if you have the skills to turn a blank wall into a great work of art. Especially if you live in an apartment or urban area that is completely limited, including bathrooms which sometimes make you feel crowded when you are inside. Although your current bathroom is really modern, even equipped with facilities that support, it would look mediocre if your wall is empty. Today I tried to collect 10 of the coolest bathroom wall decorations that will bring your bathroom to life with a variety of colors, graffiti, paintings and various wall art.

If you have always felt that your bathroom is uncomfortable, small, and suffocating, then change your mind now. Use your imagination and creativity to use every inch of the bathroom to be your favorite place.

1. Every woman would love this bathroom wall. There is a modern small bathroom with paintings of women on bicycles who look elegant with slightly dark bathroom accents.

2. Graffiti paintings are uniquely applied to any space including the walls of this bathroom. Unique colorful accents clearly attract the small bathroom.

3. You do not have to change or paint over the bathroom walls to make it look cool. The combination of tile and graffiti near this mirror is a great example to look elegant.

4. Yellow is a bold color for a bathroom but also encourages and makes the room look spacious. Designers also add accents to urban youth here.

5. You are free to express anything on the bathroom wall, such as street graffiti style with any theme.

6. In addition to paint and painting the walls, try playing with the tiles that blend with the overall interior bathroom.

7. Wall stripes always gave the impression of a unique and mysterious at the same time.

8. Are you a comic fan? Why not display it as part of your bathroom.

9. This bathroom is dark but many men like to display the impression of masculine. But adding a spark of bright color is really hard not to do.

10. This bathroom at a glance looks scary but if you look closely, then you know that the decor is really fun with skull images dancing in the rain.

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