25 Simple Garden Ideas in The Bathroom

diy recycled ladder for bathroom plants

Gardening is one of the fun activities we can do at home, but unfortunately not everyone has plenty of outside space or time to care for the garden. The idea of the garden in this room is the best way with the same advantages and saving energy, in addition you can still gardening hobby. The bathroom was my favorite place I first thought of to make an indoor garden, the smell of fresh plants with hanging pots creates a soothing natural feel. You can also use the ladder to put the plants in order not to take up much space.

Bathroom allow you to care for plants, abundant water supplies and cold environments very suitable for some types of aquatic plants. You can grow your own spices to give a fresh scent in the bathroom and create a beautiful look. Choose a plant that grows in moist environments and combine with textures, shapes of different leaves and flowers to beautify the look of the interior. If your bathroom is narrow, then you should think creatively by adding a table or hanging it on the ceiling. Cactus and succulent is a type of plant that is easy to care especially for those of you who do not have much time or too busy with daily work. Here are 25 simple garden ideas for a bathroom you can try yourself at home, inspired!

amazing bathtub and bathroom with indoor cactus


simple bathroom with indoor corner plants


modern bathroom with tropical garden decor


minimalist bathroom with desert garden style


tropical garden ideas in the bathroom


beautiful bathroom garden in the window


pretty wall planters rack in bathroom with exposed brick wall


simple indoor garden in bathroom


unique garden in bathroom wall


most beautiful house plants for bathroom


dreams bathroom with diy indoor plant pots


greenery bathroom decor ideas


gorgeous bathroom garden decorations


cute indoor garden wall for kids bathroom


blue and white bathroom with garden window


bohemian bathroom with garden ideas


simple and small bathroom with house plants


simple indoor bathroom garden with bohemian vibe


diy indoor garden for minimalist bathroom


creative diy bathroom plants with old ladder


japanese bathroom with greenery ideas


cozy bathroom oasis garden


tropical indoor bathroom garden design


most amazing bathroom house plants

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