20 Natural Concrete Floors For Your Beautiful Space

fresh and clean concrete flooring ideas

Concrete floors is currently widely applied to modern houses, once relegated to industrial lofts and warehouse space, concrete as a flooring material finally beginning to be appreciated for natural beauty. Even the concrete floor can be found in almost every part of the house. Concrete floors has the look of an honest, simple, and natural. The impression that is the strength as a floor covering. This type of material also makes the room feel more unified, and has an aesthetic element that can not be obtained from other materials. It looks nice and cool underfoot and would be wonderful if you live in a warm climate.

Concrete floors can be obtained by precast or ready-mix concrete floors that have been printed before, foundry in place, or in the form of concrete tile. Concrete can also be given color and texture, as well as flexible to follow the room shapes. For coloring concrete, you can use a special dye pigments that can be added before or after the concrete is poured in the selected area. Another way is to expose certain stones such as marble, granite or gravel. Here are 20 concrete floor for your beautiful space that had the texture and interesting variations for you miss, get inspired!

rural kitchen with concrete floors


scandinavian interior with concrete flooring


modern concrete floor with open space


vintage concrete floor decor


industrial concrete floors


minimalist concrete floor in living room


modern bedroom with concrete flooring


stylish kitchen with natural concrete floors


modern concrete flooring in dining area


rustic concrete floor in dining room


concrete floor in the kitchen


awesome concrete kitchen floor design


concrete two floor ideas


cute pink concrete floor ideas


boho chic kitchen concrete floor


simple concrete flooring decor


scandinavian concrete floor decor


natural bathroom concrete floors


modern bathroom with concrete flooring

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