15 Shabby Chic Garden Lighting Ideas

amazing shabby chic garden lamps

Shabby chic decoration does not just stop in the house interior, the decor was first introduced by Rachel Aswell in 80s this has been very popular nowadays. One of the reasons I liked the decor of this is that they are cheap to make, even if you have unused furniture, you can take advantage of to conjure see, for example, can be repainted. This time I want to try to put into garden decor. Lighting is very important to support this theme, while for the furniture using vintage style, antique furniture, plates, and cups made of Chinese porcelain, pastel colors and antique chandeliers. Despite the fact that shabby chic garden is not easy to make, but these decorations will add to the beauty of your garden.

Shabby chic garden concept can be used in a spacious garden and a small garden with minimal land, we could work around this by adjusting the lighting to look up. What we need some pastel colored flowers plants and some greenery. Add a chandelier or lamp to create the impression of romantic garden, or if you want a simple look then just take string lights and hang it in a practical way. Take a look at 15 shabby chic garden lighting ideas below and find the best!

beautiful shabby chic garden lights


vintage shabby chic garden lights


diy shabby chic lighting jars


shabby chic garden lighting with outdoor dining room


shabby chic backyard garden lighting


shabby chic wedding garden party


most romantic garden lighting with shabby chic decor


outdoor lighting ideas with shabby chic decoration


shabby chic garden lights for romantic dinner


recycled diy shabby chic arden lights


cozy shabby chic cottage lighting decor


outdoor shabby chic lighting decor


outdoor garden string lights


awesome shabby chic garden lights

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