Modern Office Interior With Indoor Plants

modern office interior with indoor plants

Rules Architect has completed their modern office interior with natural living plants incorporate creative ways to divide the space. The office was named Rules Studio located in Bratislava, Slovakia is in development utilizing optimal use of floor space. Rectangular space is divided into three units with ten places to work, point to eight people and share a kitchen with storage room meetings. The architects noted that the plants do more than add a design element to the room, they have a positive impact on human health, such as filtering the air we breathe. So it is expected of every employee who works in it will really feel comfortable and getting excited. Scroll down through the green spaces and find some inspiration to combine indoor plants next to the office.

rules studio with indoor plants


cozy office planters


organic office spaces


modern office designs


modern office with hidden glass wall


awesome office glass wall


modern conference rooms


modern conference room designs


modern office with glass divider


modern office glass wall


modern office kitchens

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