6 Creative Ways To Make Beautiful Balcony Garden

beautiful balcony garden ideas

Staying in a narrow apartment, does not mean you can not have beautiful garden full of ornamental plants, aquatic plants, or even edible plants. Without realizing it, the existence of balcony, which generally only used as space drying clothes, in fact can be used to realize your dream. Here are 6 creative ways to make beautiful balcony garden, this post will show you most of what you must know before designing a garden in apartment balcony.

1. Check Maximum Load

balcony apartment with garden decor

Before you start buying some large-sized pot, make sure if your balcony is able to bear a very heavy burden. If you can walk on it easily without any obstacles, it means your balcony strong enough to be a mini garden.

2. Vertical Garden

vertical balcony garden decorations

If you have a narrow balcony, method of making vertical gardens can be used as an alternative. Planting medium used is generally not a soil medium, but carpet material or rock wool fabrics that can absorb water with a thickness of 7 cm. Not only beautify your apartment, vertical garden also serves to lower the air temperature so it can cool and provide natural freshness.

3. Gardening Supplies Decoration

gardening equipment storage decor

Keep a pile of gardening supplies in one place, it seems even make your garden feels cramped and takes quite a lot of space. Therefore, take advantage of wall board for storage. That way, you can hang the bath pot, small shovel, scissors, even a rubber glove side by side. In addition to more neat and orderly, it can also be used as additional decorations for your garden.

4. Consider Balcony Grass

balcony grass decor ideas

For you who feel the park without grass was not complete, then tiles synthetic grass can be an option. The real impression of gardens will immediately feel. Or another way to do is put the grass on a rectangular wooden pot.

5. Seed Plant

seed plant ideas

While visiting to plant store, select seedlings of ornamental plants and vegetable plants you like. But keep in mind, adjust the size of the current crop will grow with spacious your apartment balcony. Note also the amount of pot you choose, make it easier when organized.

6. Laid Relaxing Table And Chairs

cozy small balcony furniture

In order to create the feel of a real gardens, do not forget to put a chair and tables relaxed on balcony of your apartment. If you wish to view more interesting, you can also put some pillows floral and flowered vase on a round table. Good luck!

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