Classic and Contemporary Villas in France

classic and contemporary villa in France

Nothing is more fun as a visit to a villa located in Bordeaux, France. The owner Cecile and Laurent, they decorate the interior with mixed classic and contemporary styles, I think this villa really looks stylish and elegant. One of my favorites is a library and a high wall in dark blue paint, old flooring, moldings and a cozy fireplace. I feel this villa is perfect for a holiday for families who like the feeling of peace and calming. Let’s follow on this article and get enlightened!

classic villa with grand pianos


contemporary living room

Brightness is very visible in the living room. Choice white walls do not make the beauty of this room changed, some contemporary ornaments made me think of a fireplace, concrete coffee table and sofa fabric warm.

wooden floor villas


classic dining room


contemporary kitchen design

The combination of black and white looks graceful in the kitchen, this room looks even more contrast. Design industry dominated by metal and Tolix chairs.

black kitchen organizer


classic bedroom villas

Finally came in the master bedroom, I like headboard from cloth, horns, and a small suitcase which serves as a bedside table.

classic dining table


villa library


classic workspace


blue villa bathroom

source: frenchyfancy

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