7 Ways To Maximize Natural Light Into Your Home


Lighting is the key for a house to be cozy to live in. That is the reason why many homeowners always pay very close attention to the lighting of their home. Instead of having to add lots of lights which can certainly cost a lot of money, natural light feels much better as an extra lighting idea during the day. Natural lighting has been shown to be effective for elevating mood and making residents feel at ease, as well as improving overall health.

The entry of natural light into the house can also make the room look warmer, brighter, and feel wider than it actually is. But before you start bringing more natural light into your home, first know a few easy-to-implement tips to enhance natural lighting to match your expectations. Here are seven inspirations that have been summarized from various sources!

1. Paint the walls and ceiling a bright color


Making the house look bright can be started by painting the walls and ceiling with a bright color. Using white as the easiest base paint to maximize natural light. The use of white in the interior is proven to be able to reflect natural light back into the room. White is the lightest color and can create the illusion of a larger room.

2. Let the light in naturally


Morning or afternoon is the best time for natural light to enter the house. So, make sure you open all the window curtains and let light into the room. Not only does it make the room look brighter, but it’s also good for your health, especially if you have a sunroom at home.

3. Install a skylight as a light entry


Now many residential areas, especially in urban areas, apply skylights as access to natural light. This is the easiest way to fill your room with light. Install skylights in rooms that are often used for gatherings or spending time with family.

4. Large walls and windows with open concept


The open concept is the choice of many people, especially for those who live in tiny dwellings. Apart from giving the impression of a spacious room, the use of large walls and windows is also good for maximizing the natural light that enters the house. You can install large windows on all or part of a wall and make sure they are directly on the side where the light is shining. This concept will also provide a beautiful open view of the outdoors.

5. Floors that can reflect light


Several flooring materials can function as good reflectors of light, such as hardwood floors, tiled floors, laminate floors or polished stone floors. By choosing the right floor, natural light does not only reflect off the walls but all parts of the room including the floors in the house.

6. Install a mirror in the room


Mirrors have proven to be effective in maximizing natural light in the room while making the interior look aesthetically pleasing. Installing mirrors in the room can attract light in and reflect it so that it feels brighter and feels wider. For example, you can install a mirror near a door or window to optimally reflect natural light.

7. Minimize the use of furniture


Large furniture, especially those placed near windows, can not only block out light, but make the room even more cramped. That’s why you need to minimize the use of furniture and only place some furniture near areas that natural light often passes through. Avoid using bulky furniture and instead opt for sleek furniture that makes better use of space.

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