September 27, 2023

15 Unique Bamboo Decor Ideas That You Should Know

Bamboo is known as a tropical plant that is often used as ornamental plants with a cavity and vertebra. Usually this plant is often used in Asian countries, especially tropical climates. But did you know bamboo can also be used to decorate your house? If we usually know more about wood as a part of decoration, this time I want to show how bamboo can be a decoration that is no less cool to apply to various furniture. Basically the same as the bamboo wood, has a strong natural element and is included in the eco-friendly materials. You can customize bamboo into various accents, and even combine it with different styles such as vintage, modern, bohemian, and many more.

If you want to bring a natural feel to the rooms with unique decor, consider choosing bamboo decorations to your interior. Although bamboo is not as popular as wood or other natural elements, I’m sure you will change your mind after looking at the list of 15 bamboo decorations below. Scroll down and get ready to be inspired!

1. The display of this triangle shaped bamboo shelf gives a classic impression for your storage. Complete with a long shelf that can be used as a clothes rack. Put them in the living room to display plants or other decor items

2. This bamboo coffee table is complete with comfortable woven chairs. It’s far from outdated and gives a chic feel to any space

3. Love houseplants? especially indoor plants? Try placing a standing plant pot made of bamboo. The design that looks natural is very suitable to be combined with any type of houseplant

4. Give the impression of vintage in your dining room with bamboo chandelier for the dining table. The form is simple you can make yourself with a little creativity

5. Bamboo is very popular used as a shelf or in storage, the material is sturdy yet light allows you to adjust to the needs. Use a bamboo rack as the main storage such as a shoe rack, towel, or your collection of books

6. Create a warm and cozy feel in your room with a bamboo lamp stand. This lamp is in the form of a lantern with woven bamboo which gives a soothing light bias

7. In addition to the wooden table, you can also choose the bamboo table for a more unique look. This table consists of many pieces of bamboo that are joined together so that it is very strong with a modern looking glass base

8. Bamboo pendant lamp gives a soothing effect to any space. Use more than one light hanging bamboo to add to the aesthetic of your room, very nice as decoration lights in your reading corner

9. Once you are familiar with bamboo storage rack, then the bamboo basket is an alternative to other storage simpler. They are very versatile with many sizes that you can customize to suit your needs

10. Still as a storage shelf, this bamboo shelf will accommodate all items and add a chic impression to your room. Shaped bamboo ladder rack united very practical for any storage

11. Want a vintage and unique impression to your home? Take advantage of a blank wall to display the natural bamboo wall accent. Pair it with other classic themed items to enhance the decor

12. This simple bamboo flower vase can be a nice addition on your desk. Take advantage of the unique bamboo shape and structure to create a vase or flower pot of your imagination

13. If you don’t really like bamboo but still want a natural impression, try alternatives with artificial or fake bamboo furniture like this mirror which gives a natural and elegant impression to the room

14. Bamboo can also be a wall decoration that is no less cool. Its distinctive shape with woven bamboo material gives an ethnic style to your interior

15. Finally, there are bamboo beds that are already familiar, especially if you often vacation to tropical or Asian countries. Bed design is very unique with a comfortable tropical style emphasizes

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