September 30, 2023

25 Beautiful Pot Plants In the Garden Look Bigger


Many of us shun potted plants when faced with large garden arrangements, but potted plants seem more convenient and practical because they are easy to move around as you see fit. We often think of potted plants as only working indoors, on balconies, or in small spaces, but today’s various designs and sizes can suit your garden style and taste.

You can use potted plants to line your garden, even if it is large with lots of furniture and accessories. Get a color scheme with your garden and become more than a container that holds plants, but become part of your own garden d├ęcor. While it may seem easy to achieve the garden design you want, potted plants require more maintenance than plants grown in soil.

There are a number of things that you should pay attention to when you want to make potted plants part of the landscape, such as matching the soil, selecting the type of plant, to the size of the pot that fits your garden style. Interested in trying a portable garden design, here I have collected pictures of potted gardens and easy tips for you to do it yourself at home!


How to plant in a pot

Beautiful potted plants do not come instantly; there are several steps, such as choosing a pot design that has drainage holes so as to reduce excess water content. In addition to the beautiful model and color, quality pot materials will be better because they can last a long time. For potting mixes, make sure you use a formula for specific needs, such as a mix of succulents, azaleas, roses, or vegetables. Replace the potting mix every two years at most; the plant nutrients that are depleted will be replaced with a new mix. It is very important to group the plants according to their similar watering and light requirements, then move the pots every few months to get even growth.


Designing a pot garden

Large gardens usually have quite dense types of plants, such as trees, vines, and carpet plants. Vary the shape and size of the pots with your plants to fit their natural landscape. With large pots, you can include large types of plants or mix more than one type of plant. The height of the pot can be varied to create different volumes, and choosing the color of the pot is also very important to highlight the style of garden you want. Use dark-colored pots if you want to stand out, while brightly colored pots are better for a more modern garden design.

In the following, I have collected 25 pot plant ideas that will make your garden look bigger. Get inspired!























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