November 29, 2023

20 Inspirational Industrial Living Room Designs

contempory industrial living area

Industrial living room is really cool to look contemporary, this design is quite strange but easy to create and very affordable. The combination this style with touch of other styles will help find the right personalized for your living room, some modern style also looks good as a brick wall with industrial furniture or mixture contrasting color scheme minimalist.

You can make it softer with rustic details, furry rugs, candles, or pillow. One of my favorites in the collection industrial this living room is touch of mid-century, I think is very easy because you just take the background of industrial such as concrete or brick walls, hardwood floors and add a bit of mid-century furniture, the living room will look amazing.

Do not be afraid to play with color on industrial living room, bright or neon accent shows more enjoyable space. This follows inspirational industrial living room design that will make your living room is different!

wooden industrial living room decor

Industrial living room d├ęcor ideas

There are several parts of the living room that you should change to display an industrial style, such as decorating the walls, ceiling and floor with an industrial feel. The most popular way is to choose a brick wall in a variety of colors such as white to red patches, and you can cover the entire wall or just one accent wall. Concrete is another cool idea for an industrial living room, you can cover it on walls, floors, or even ceilings. Even though it has an industrial feel, natural elements like wooden beams or metal cladding are a really cool and bold idea to enhance the industrial look of your living room.

white industrial living area

Industrial living room furniture

Apart from focusing on industrial walls and floors, you can easily get an industrial feel with furniture and accessories. First, add leather furniture such as sofas and chairs, which adds texture and brings an industrial touch to your living room. Then there are wood and metal coffee tables that give a retro look on wheels. Don’t miss out on metal floor and table lamps with a retro feel, or you can also try hanging metal in groups to emphasize the industrial look. Continue with pipe racks and shelving units, industrial metal benches, and an industrial gallery wall that takes up an entire wall. Recycling old items to turn them into decorative items, and shabby chic touches are a great combination for industrial style

Below we have collected several industrial living room ideas that will certainly inspire you!

vintage industrial living room design
tiny industrial living space
stylish industrial living room furniture
small industrial living room design
modern industrial living room decoration
modern industrial living room decor
minimalist industrial living room designs
industrial living room understair ideas
industrial living rooms with classic chandelier
industrial living room furniture
grey industrial living rooms
cool industrial living room ideas
cool industrial living area
classic industrial living room
chic grey industrial living space
bright industrial living area
awesome industrial living room decoration

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