How To Choose Colors And Patterns For Room Look Bigger


There are many ways to make your room feel bigger and more spacious. Apart from choosing the right furniture, choosing colors and patterns is not as easy as you imagine. Moreover, if you have to try to match the colors and patterns that each family member likes, of course this will occupy a lot of your thoughts. No matter what interior design you choose, determining the color and pattern for a room is an important step in getting your dream home, and this decision also affects the overall atmosphere and aesthetics of the room.

The most effective way is to combine various different patterns in one room to create a unique and attractive interior design. However, you still have to be careful in combining different patterns to ensure the room still looks balanced. Apart from that, choosing the right interior color also has a big influence on the comfort of each family member. Below we have summarized several ways to choose colors and patterns to make a room look bigger and more comfortable. Please scroll down and get some easy tips that you can try at home!


Tips for choosing colors and patterns for your room

There are several tips you should know to get colors and patterns that suit your interior design. First, determine the purpose of the room which includes the main function of the room you have. Is it intended for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or work space? The purpose of each room will of course influence the choice of color and pattern. Once you feel confident, choose two to 3 main color palettes that will dominate the room. Such as the color of walls, furniture and floors. Each color has a different emotional value, for example blue is often associated with calm, while red provides energy and warmth. So, considering the emotional effect is also important to create a room atmosphere that suits your personality

Make sure the color you choose blends with the furniture and decoration so that the room looks large and airy. If possible, you may need to replace furniture or accessories that do not match the room concept. Finally, choose the color and pattern that best suits your personality. The room should reflect your style and preferences, so that you will feel comfortable in it.

Below are some of the most popular color choices as a reference for you to choose the best color and room pattern.

1. Light color


Choosing light colors such as white, cream, light gray, or pastel tends to make the room look more spacious because these colors reflect light well. In fact, some neutral colors such as white and cream also give a clean and fresh impression.


2. Monochromatic colors


Applying monochromatic colors with varying shades of different colors can help create a coherent and open feel. For example, a combination of light blue or green shades will give the impression of space, harmony and refreshing


3. Neutral colors


Apart from bright color choices, neutral colors such as gray and beige can also create a spacious and elegant room atmosphere. These colors provide a calming backdrop and can easily be combined with any style and decor.


4. Light ceiling color


Apart from focusing on the color of the walls and furniture, you can also apply ceiling paint in light colors. This method will give the visual impression that the ceiling is higher, making the room feel more spacious.


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