15 Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces That Bring Relaxed Feel

Outdoor living rooms are very popular because they give a relaxing outdoor vibe. The concept of open space is the choice of many people, especially for those who like tranquility and want to present a natural feel. However, not everyone is lucky to have a large outdoor area. Limited land and lack of creativity are often unavoidable problems.

This extraordinary space beautifully tries to blur the line between inside and outside. No matter how small an area you have, this open-air living room offers the best indoor-outdoor living. It may seem that it is not really outside but wants to bridge the gap between interior and exterior in the easiest way possible.

As well as providing a view of the natural surroundings and letting in natural sunlight, it expands the amount of accessible space and creates the best area for receiving guests. Get inspired!

1. Connected indoor-outdoor living room in Japanese garden style.


2. A beautiful blend of minimalist design with aesthetic boho accents.


3. The dark nuanced living room feels one with the surroundings.


4. Farmhouse style always gives a relaxed feel to any space.


5. Not completely inside but the living room area is still easily accessible from anywhere in the house.


6. A beautiful combination of open living room, balcony and dining area with wooden floors.


7. A roof patio with a connection to the outside is the perfect area for a living room.


8. A functional roof that can be opened and closed. Gives your living room natural light whenever you need it.


9. Relaxing sunken living room for all, on the terrace in a cozy cottage style.


10. This tropical-style balcony is also a comfortable living room.


11. Present a minimalist impression in your open living room with a Scandinavian accent.


12. Its generous size makes this living room look limitless thanks to a large glass wall.


13. Enjoy relaxing time in the living room as well as family entertainment room which is connected to the backyard.


14. Tropical style indoor-outdoor living spaces that utilizes glass walls and skylights.


15. Patio living room is a cover as well as a practical solution for a tiny house.


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