10 Best Cat Friendly Plant Ideas That Inspire


Just like us humans, pets like cats also need natural fiber that can help maintain their health. Of course, as a happy pet owner, you want the cats at home to always grow up healthy and happy. Apart from maintaining food and daily activities, you can also provide natural fibers such as herbs and plants that are cat-friendly.

If you happen to have a garden, balcony, or window that gets sunlight, you can plant various types of herbs that cats like. Certain types of plants are very good at stimulating the cat’s brain and can be digested without causing stomach upset. In addition to good herbal plants for maintaining cat health, some of them are very effective in curing cat diseases.

Curious about what herbal plants cats really like at home? Here I summarize 10 cat-friendly plant ideas to inspire you. Let’s see!

1. Cat Grass


Cat grass is a popular plant and is very good for cats. Having the Latin name Dactylis Glomerata, this plant is similar to grass but thinner and smoother. Cats are known to really like rolling on them, even eating them to aid their digestion.

2. Catnip


Who doesn’t know catnip? These plants are the first things people look for in their furry friends. Catnip is believed to provide calm to pets, this plant also contains a substance similar to terpenoids which creates a calming hallucinogenic effect.

3. Cat Thyme


Cat thyme is also a plant that cats like. This type of plant is mostly found in the western Mediterranean. Having the characteristic of gray-green leaves, the leaves are very good for treating deep wounds in cats and making cat fur smoother and thicker.

4. Chamomile


Chamomile apart from having beautiful flowers is very effective for treating fungus in cats. However, the recommended chamomile is in the form of a solution and must be according to a doctor’s prescription. Apart from eliminating fungus, chamomile is also very good for the growth of cat hair which often falls out.

5. Dandelion Root


Dandelion root contains a substance called cortisol which is useful for reducing itching in cats that are attacked by fungus. Apart from that, this plant is also good for treating cat digestion that is not smooth.

6. Golden Seal


Golden seal is a type of herbal plant that can treat cat wounds. Cats really like to rub their bodies on this plant before they eat it. In addition, the golden seal also helps reduce the swelling of wounds on the cat’s body.

7. Honeysuckle


According to research, about 30% of cats like honeysuckle as a daily snack. Its properties are not much different from catnip and silver vine, but the aroma is more fragrant.

8. Licorice Root


Licorice root is one of the cat-friendly herbal plants. In addition to its delicious taste and easy to digest, this plant acts as a natural cortisone which can reduce itching due to allergies in cats.

9. Silver Vine

The next plant that cats like is silver vine. This plant works similarly to catnip. The leaves can produce a hallucinogenic effect that makes cats more relaxed and comfortable.

10. Valerian


This plant is known for its sharp aroma which gives a calming effect. This plant is not only known well for cats, but also for humans. The leaves and aroma of the valerian plant can make us sleepy and relaxed, but it’s different from cats which will actually make them active and fresh.

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