November 30, 2022

Zoo Antwerp: Unusual Zoo Experience From The City Into The Wild


Have you ever imagined that when you get off the train, you will not be in a crowded city, but you will be invited to go on an adventure into the wild. Zoo Antwerp is one of the only zoo concepts in the world.

Located right next to Antwerp Central Railway station, in the heart of Antwerp BE this zoo is like an oasis in the midst of a busy city. It is also one of the world’s oldest animal parks. Plans for a new master building for the entire park should be designed, including the development of a new restaurant and kids playground.

Developed by Studio Farris Architects, the driving concept behind designing this unconventional intervention is to enhance each visitor’s experience, and place it at the center of a unique spatial narrative that leads from the city to the wild. It is hoped that visitors will find a place of fun entertainment in the midst of their hectic daily activities.


From the architect,

“I remember visiting the Zoo several years ago and eating at the restaurant there. Experience is one of detachment from nature. With our project, we aim to provide an innovative visitor experience. We want visitors to feel close to the birds, monkeys and buffalo in their natural habitat.”

Although this zoo does not have a complete animal habitat, the concept is to unite city life with the wild environment. That way, visitors can still carry out their activities while enjoying the natural scenery and animal life at the zoo.


Antwerp Zoo was completed in June 2017, the new facility at the zoo has recorded an increasing number of visitors, the public is excited about the zoo’s unusual experience. Meanwhile, SFA and its consultants are able to effectively respond to the complex needs of animals, visitors, and the zoo’s commercial operations.














architect: Studio Farris Architects

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