September 24, 2023

This Beautiful Gardener’s Cottage By PAD Studio


For nearly a decade, PAD Studio has been fully engaged on climate and biodiversity issues. The studio has successfully completed The Gardender’s Cottage in partnership with their client. That’s why clients love their family home so much they choose to move next door when they choose to downsize. This lovely gardener’s cottage replaces the previous small, dark Victorian cottage with a light-flooded, landscape-spanning residence.

Even though it’s only one floor, the level changes maximize the feeling of space and work strategically with the site’s natural slope. This concept produces a series of layered spaces that form a protected outer courtyard. The courtyard becomes a space to gather and grow, a bright outdoor space to live in. Each room is integrated around a courtyard and sun path, framing a special view in response to the room’s function.

The master bedroom features east-facing windows welcoming the sunrise, while in the bathroom there are large windows that capture beautiful sunset views. This is the perfect composition to soothe the soul and restore the mind.


Inside, dazzling vernacular local red brick combined with Danish made brick of the same color was chosen to add to the sense of texture and personality created. The exposed brick stands in contrast to the oak paneling and other detailed woodwork.



The deep overhang of the roof floats gently above the high-level window bands, creating a unique identity to this home that meets both functional and aesthetic requirements. A view of the sky from each room allows residents to connect to their surroundings. High level windows have been positioned to encourage natural cross ventilation ensuring a constant and comfortable internal environment.










This house has paid attention to every detail, making it a pleasure to live in. While this home’s footprint is limited by the plans, it feels more spacious than first thought. because of its symbiotic relationship with the landscape. The large brick terraces and planters were designed as part of an architecture that extends outward and blurs the boundary between inside and out, expanding the feeling of space. It is a comfortable home to move about both internally and externally, with spaces designed to be enjoyed according to climate and mood.


designer: PAD Studio

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