The Walker: Fun Family Home With Giant Blue Slide


The phrase family home should be able to accommodate the fun of the whole family and who says slides are only used for children? The Walker home designs are a change from more traditional residential plans to design schemes that better serve clients’ contemporary lifestyles while helping to offset the costs of living in Toronto. Designed by Reflect Architecture which has succeeded in creating a residence that can be enjoyed for all ages, even adults who still enjoy the thrill of going down the slide and no longer have to be ashamed of it.

Designers renovate houses for a young family of five. Together with the client, Reflect stipulates that all three girls’ bedrooms and guest rooms should be on the lower floor, while the parents room will be located on the ground floor, brightening the interior as minimalist as possible with a pale blue slide that runs through the center of the building.

This is a fun way to do a slide in the family home without losing the adult aesthetic, it can also be the only way the owner wants to leave the house to work or come down for breakfast.







The house was designed with an updated layout aiming to create a lighter open space for a better family lifestyle while providing quality bonding and playtime. There is a blue slide which is right in the center of the house that connects the basement to the ground floor. It also serves to bring natural light into the space, and make it less like a basement.

Homeowners are an entrepreneur in the field of health and fitness so it is important to encourage mental and physical health is better. That’s why the elements were chosen to integrate the game into their lives.





The basement is made as brightly as possible as the place three children bedrooms with three bathrooms and a guest bedroom. Located on the ground floor is where parents get their space with the master bedroom and private bathroom, while on this floor there are also common areas such as the kitchen, dining room and entertainment zone. The two floors are connected by a folding wooden ladder next to the slide.

This staircase is lined with perforated iron fence with a night light illumination integrated into the ceiling so there is no need to climb. The windows were expanded by adding sliding doors for a more open concept. There is the side facing the street at a lower level to display the metal panels, wooden lattice, and a layer of dark wood that has been treated using the technique of “shou sugi ban” Japan. In the interior, there is a simple and minimalist material palette of light wood textures, marble countertops, white walls with colorful cabinets. Finally, it closes with a slide that accommodates everyone’s fun.








photographer: Riley Snelling

source: yankodesign

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