December 1, 2022

Rose House: Low Energy That Eco-Friendly Dwelling


The concept of an energy-efficient home has been proven to reduce the impact of environmental damage. And Rose House being one of the modern family homes exemplary as a low energy residence while remaining sympathetic to the setting.

Rose House is a new home on a site in the Kingdom conservation area in Bristol, United Kingdom. Designed by Emmett Russell Architects, the site is set in walled gardens adjacent to a Victorian cottage and overlooks central Bristol.


Architects strive to reduce energy use and waste, which is at the heart of all design decisions throughout this project. The house achieves extremely high levels of insulation and airtightness and is ventilated using a heat recovery ventilation system. There is hot water which is energy efficient because it is provided through solar thermal panels. The project has also been published in the Journal of Architects and Home Building and Renovation.









architect: Emmett Russell Architects

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