10 Dreamy Interior Ideas Integrated With Tiny Garden

The garden is an important part that supports the beauty of a residence, but what if the space you have does not allow you to build an outdoor garden? With creative ideas, you can create a garden in any area without any limitations, even the smallest corner in the house can also be turned into part of an outdoor landscape.

In this post, we want to invite you to take advantage of a little land in the room, everything is really connected to the interior to blur the line between indoor and outdoor. This becomes a special attraction when you need a space to relax after a busy day. Although small in size, this indoor garden idea will be a refreshing oasis in the middle of the city.

Turn your personal or living room greener with 10 dreamy interior ideas connected to a tiny garden. Maybe one of them is your favourite!

1. Dining room with a natural feel


Not everyone is lucky to be able to enjoy a meal outdoors with the family. The solution, you can create a dining room by bringing the nuances of nature to your surroundings. That can be by placing lots of ornamental plants, making skylights, or combining them with natural elements.

2. Minimalist home office with open view


Working from home may sound easy, but if you can’t manage it it can often leave you feeling rushed and stressed. To overcome this, you can create a small garden that is integrated into the workspace. It doesn’t have to be big, but it can inspire you.

3. A bedroom with a garden exit


There is nothing more refreshing than enjoying the morning air after you wake up. Creating an extra door that connects to a tiny garden will make you feel relaxed all day long. In addition, this door will cool your bedroom when the days get hot.

4. Tiny kitchen connected to garden and exposed brick wall


Cooking will be much more fun with an open kitchen concept. Even though your kitchen is small, you still feel spacious because it is connected to the garden area. There is an exposed brick wall that makes the kitchen look more aesthetic from any angle.

5. Living room with large windows


Not to forget the living room which is an important area in the house. By installing large windows, you and each of your guests will enjoy a cooler and more pleasant living room atmosphere.

6. Family room connected to backyard


Combining the family room with the backyard makes every family feel comfortable. Kids will love to play both indoors and outdoors without any restrictions. Add a sofa, daybed and combine it with a natural-looking wooden floor.

7. Bathroom with an open concept


This bathroom design will make you feel like you are outdoors. There is a garden area next to the bathroom and it is only limited by a glass wall so you can enjoy the view of the garden landscape.

8. Open terrace with garden landscape


Any terrace design will feel cooler because it is connected to the outdoors. If you like a covered terrace then you can build an outdoor relaxing area. Another solution, add vines on the wall or fence.

9. Open reading nook with hammock


Snuggled up with a good book will make anyone feel at home. If you are one of those who like to read, then you must have a reading nook for yourself. Create a dream reading nook with an open concept that connects to the garden. You can also add a hammock to make it even more cozy.

10. Indoor/outdoor bathroom


Last on this list we still have an indoor/outdoor bathroom design. This idea is perfect for those of you who have a small bathroom but want to make it feel more spacious. The bathroom is divided into two rooms with a wall divider and glass door. Outside, you can enjoy a natural concept shower while inside there is an elegant modern bathroom.

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