23 Cool Container House Ideas On Low Budget


The need for a large residence with increasingly narrow land is certainly a problem in itself. That’s why many people build tiny houses with a minimalist style. However, did you know that there are still house designs that are really inexpensive and easy to install? Introducing a container house, this residence does have a small space but the use of used shipping containers will make the house even more stunning. The right idea for those of you small land owners with a low budget.

Get to know Container House

The container house was originally designed and published by Peter DeMaria in 2007. The trend of this container house turned out to be a lot of demand and is growing until now. In fact, many interior designers and architects around the world use the container as an example of modern residential construction today. Containers have long been considered the best modular structures, they are a solid material for creating livable spaces. Apart from being the main material in making houses and cabins, containers are also widely used to build cafes, offices, or shop outlets.


Disadvantages of Container Homes

Containers are basically made to hold or lift heavy objects. So, don’t be surprised if the container has strong durability so it has a good thickness. For those of you who want to build a container house, you should first know some of the drawbacks so you won’t be disappointed.

Containers are usually made of metal, so they have the potential to cause the temperature in the room to quickly heat up. So, you need to pay attention to ventilation and air flow so that you stay comfortable in it. Even though container houses are relatively inexpensive, the delivery locations are still limited. You need a special vehicle to transport this container and you also need the help of heavy equipment which will certainly make you spend a lot of money.

Although the container is very practical as a building construction material, the size of the container cannot be changed according to our wishes. So, you can only decorate it according to the condition of the existing container and can only use the space as needed.


Container House Advantages

If there are drawbacks there are definitely advantages why container houses are in great demand and popular today. Here are some advantages of container homes to give you inspiration.

The fast and easy process of building a house is certainly the main attraction for homeowners. It does not require materials such as brick, cement, sand, and other construction materials, making container houses very practical as a place to live. In addition, container houses also have unusual shapes that add aesthetic value to modern homes.

Due to its fast construction, the container house will not produce project waste thus making it friendly to the environment. No more scattered building materials, used paint cans, and wasted pieces of wood.

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