24 Cool Halloween Mirrors For Last-Minute Ideas


Mirrors are a decoration element that is easy to find in any home. By adding a mirror, the room will feel brighter and more spacious. We have them in entryways, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms or even as part of the fireplace decoration, as seen during holiday seasons like Halloween. There are many mirror choices on offer, ranging from simple, traditional, modern, to eclectic and quite easy to get a spooky impression.

There’s still plenty of time until Halloween, and mirrors will emphasize the theme you want to highlight. It only takes a few minutes to decorate a mirror with a Halloween theme, and here we’ve put together some of the best ways to do it. Most of these ideas are DIY projects, so some don’t even need any explanation. Just copy it to add a spooky feel to your home.


Halloween themed mirror banners and wreaths

This is a popular Halloween mirror idea for any style of home. Take a Halloween banner and garland and hang them on the mirror. It can be anything according to your creativity, skull banners, mini pumpkins, flower garlands, ghost tassels, skulls or bats. Whatever you have can be used and make the Halloween decorations more festive and inviting. You can place mirrors in the most strategic areas in the house, such as the living room wall, console table, fireplace, and many more.


Add stickers to the mirror

This is the easiest way to add Halloween vibes to a mirror at home. If you can’t find some spooky stickers, make sure they still look good enough to display over the festive season. Also make sure the stickers are easy to remove so that you don’t have trouble when Halloween is over. There are many mirror sticker ideas that are suitable for Halloween, such as scary faces, witches, ghosts, skeletons, even simple silhouettes. This is also a good and fast solution that you can do to welcome Halloween celebrations.


Another Halloween mirror decoration

Apart from the easy mirror decorations that you already know, there are still many Halloween mirror ideas that you can apply. Adding a frame to the mirror will make the room look cool, or a ghostly silhouette that appears to be in the mirror gives a mysterious impression. Even if you don’t want to bother, place some realistic blackbirds or some twigs on top of the mirror. You can change the atmosphere of the room using mirrors, whether it will look dark, gloomy, scary, or more cheerful with minimalist mirror decoration.

Find more of your favorite Halloween mirror ideas below!





















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