10 Nature Inspired Room Dividers With Plants Decor

Having a large space without a wall barrier can make us feel relieved, this concept also helps in getting around the narrow space because there are no more walls that will take up a lot of space. But there are times when we need a good privacy when you need a quiet work space or divide the different rooms. That is why many people prefer to use room dividers to work around this rather than having to build walls. Currently there are many wall dividers that are easy to find on the internet, but if you want something different why don’t you try making your own wall divider the way you want? Good news for lovers of ornamental plants and those who like gardening, because today I will show you the idea of a room divider inspired by nature. There are many advantages to creating green space in your home, and these room dividers are all made of plants that will not only give you privacy but also add interior aesthetics. Here I have compiled 10 most popular plant room divider that will surprise you. Let’s check it!

1. Placing a plant rack in the room is the easiest way to get decorations. Choose a plant rack design that has enough height to hang some of your plant collections, and only place them as a divider for the living room or any space in your home

2. Industrial design is directly visible from this room divider. Combine with wooden crates as putting various plants in the room. This idea is very good to divide the space that is large enough

3. This plant rack looks trendy as part of the living room. Interestingly the supporting pole is also made of natural wood to make the room divider becomes more integrated with the natural surroundings

4. Take advantage of unused objects such as tin cans and turn them into a cool pot plants. Use them as a workspace barrier that will give you lots of inspiration

5. Iron wire can also be used as a room divider with stylish plants. Minimalist and feminine impression immediate if you place it in the living room with lots of blooming flowers

6. Sometimes people put work space in their bedroom. This area does give you privacy, but you still need to add room dividers so that your concentration is not disturbed while working

7. For those of you who like gardening indoors, it does not hurt to put plants room divider to complement your decor. This space divider at the same time gives you a plant rack where you can arrange or separate different types of plants

8. Hanging pots are everyone’s favorite, but what happens if you put together a variety of hanging pots and make a room divider. The result you can see for yourself

9. Without us knowing we do need privacy, even for a small place in your home. Room divider in the reading room proves that privacy is indeed needed or you also try this idea to add style to the room. Hang some photos and a collection of cool vines on the reading chair

10. The bigger your room, the more space you need to manage it. This room divider idea is perfect for those of you who like flowers with a modern look for the interior

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