25 Clever Wine Cellar Storage In Under The Stairs

small wine cellar storage in under staircase

For wine lovers, a wine cellar is a mandatory thing that should have. But combine your love for design and wine can be a difficult choice which puts a strain on the available space and budget. For most homeowners, building a wine cellar itself seems like a distant dream because it will spend a lot of investment and space in the house. But with a little creativity, you can take advantage of places that you usually do not pay attention, even with some help from architect and creative thinking, almost everyone is proud to store and display their wine collection.

One of the best places you can find under the stairs and fun to take advantage. If you live in a home with the bottom of the stairs is unused free space, then you can use it as a wine cellar. The space under the stairs should not be neglected, this is not dead space so you can also use it as a wine cellar. This is a practical way for those of you who love wine and need a cellar for extra storage. This post, we will switch to the space under the stairs and the following is a clever way to choose the best of the wine storage unit.

built in wine rack in under stairs

Under stairs wine cellar

If you have enough space under the stairs and enough wine, try building a wine cellar there! Even though it’s not too big, you still have to separate it with glass walls and doors because some wine bottles need natural light. Apart from that, the use of glass walls can make your wine cellar a charming place to display wine. Use shelves mounted on the wall, or place a few bottles of wine on the floor if you still have enough space, of course some lamps will give you light when you want to find your favorite wine. Another reason, building a wine cellar under the stairs is because this area has special humidity in the cellar. Here you will have a beautiful glass covered wine cellar that will also beautify the area under the stairs.

black wine cellar under stair racks

Wine storage under the stairs

If you are not a wine collector and just a wine connoisseur, then you don’t really need a wine cellar. You only need to convert the space under the stairs into a simple wine storage area. Go to the kitchen or just the utensil cupboard, then find whatever shelves you like with a look and style that suits the space under the stairs. You can also choose built-in shelves under the stairs for easy access. If you still want to maintain the right climate for the wine, use a glass door that will maintain the temperature you desire.

Below we have collected several wine cellar and wine storage ideas that you can try at home!

modern wine cellar under stair ideas
glass wine cellar under stairs
hidden wine cellar in under the stairs
masculine wine cellar rack under the stairs
creative wine storage and rack ideas
amazing wine cellar storage in under stairs
diy wooden wine storage in under stairs
luxury under stairs wine cellar storage
under stairs wine rack cabinet
modern under staircase wine rack ideas
futuristic under stair wine rack with lighting decor
under stair wine cellar storage with glass wall
unique wine cellar under stairs with lights
under stairs wine rack storage in home bar
hexagon under stair wine rack storage
trendy wine cellar storage in under stairs
modern under stairs wine cellar storage decor
under stairs wine cellar room
amazing under staircase wine cellar storage
home bar wine cellar rack in under stairs
wine rack shelves in under the stairs
diy under stairs wine rack cabinet

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