10 Smart Floor Storage Ideas for Small Space Solutions

great floor storage under workspaces

One of the difficulties living in small house is very little storage space, while you have a lot of stuff that should be hidden. You need to be super smart about how to organize the space you have. Once you go into storage genius mode , this could be right solution for you. Do you want to build a raised floor with hidden storage? Many small home use storage ideas that can be used as a bigger place. You can even have a slide-out bed underneath and the top into your home office. Here is a secret storage space that will be useful no matter the size of your home, you are really limited by your imagination when it comes to smart storage!

raised floor storage ideas


raised platform under bedroom floor


smart floor storage solutions


modern bedroom with floor storage ideas


cool floor hidden storage design


eclectic kids room with floor storage


japanese bedroom with under floor storage


bedroom floor storage for small space solution


wooden floor bedroom storage ideas

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