20 Modern And Minimalist House Facades To Get Inspired


House facade design or the front of the house shows the character and uniqueness of a dwelling. This is very important because whether or not a building is good can be seen from the design of the facade of the house. There are many ideas that can be developed to build the look of the house as you expect, and if you happen to like modern style then start by building a modern house facade. The concept of modern house facades has its own uniqueness and characteristics, and they are different from the facades of classic houses or other styles.

Whether you realize it or not, the design of the facade of the house is very important. By choosing the right house facade, the beauty of the house can increase so that it gives a lot of positive things to the owner. It is undeniable that anyone wants a good, attractive, and visually appealing home design. No matter what size it is, if it is well designed it will provide comfort and satisfaction for its owner.

To realize your dream home design, try starting from the design of the facade of the house or the exterior. Modern to minimalist homes are guaranteed to have a strong appeal by choosing the right facade design. Get inspired!


Minimalist house facades

The concept of a minimalist house facade will always be popular. This facade design allows you to create any facade shape regardless of size so that it can be applied to minimalist homes that are not too big. Minimalist house facades prioritize the function and aesthetic value of a house. Usually consists of simple lines and curves but still looks beautiful. The concept of a minimalist house facade allows the use of the front garage area, main entrance, and front porch area to be designed very well and structurally. This house facade is suitable for those of you who live without a second floor or as a minimalist family house facade.









Modern house facades

The modern facade design looks more luxurious and looks contemporary. Modern style is always inviting, the advantage lies in what is currently trending. In addition to the appearance of a magnificent and unique facade, the game of color and lighting can increase the curb appeal of the house in an instant. There is no limit to how you should present a modern facade. Mixing and combining more than two styles can give birth to an extraordinary look. From contemporary, eclectic, to open facades that give a refreshing home feel. Find more inspiration below!











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