20 Cool And Modern Dog Crates That Boost Your Interior


What comes to your mind when you hear a dog crate? it can be a box with a door in which the crate becomes a short-term way to train and manage your dog. I don’t think a crate doesn’t sound that bad when you make one that your beloved dog really loves.

While starting to build a place of safety and comfort, a dog kennel is a practical solution that won’t make a mess. It can also limit access to parts of the house when you don’t want it, in addition to aiding in potty training if you are new to your dog.

Dog crates can really look cool and modern, and some kennel designs are even designed to blend in with the interior. The easiest way is to make your own dog crate, is it a standalone piece or is it a piece of furniture? In the following we have collected dog crate ideas that can enhance your interior style. Let’s see!


Dog crate with multiple functions

Dog kennels are great for keeping your dog comfortable while you prepare a place for them. However, dog crates are also beneficial for every dog owner. Some smaller crates give you a safe way to transport your dog and travel with him, and crates will make training your dog more efficient. Apart from dog crate training it can also enhance the look of your interior. It can look good in the long run, you just need to choose a nice dog crate design that won’t spoil the interior and of course make your furry friend feel comfortable.


Where to build a dog crate?

A dog crate is very easy to make and won’t take up much space in your room. So, you can build a dog crate in any area of the house: under cabinets, sideboards, side tables, under stools and much more. A dog crate can be a multifunctional piece of furniture that is already integrated into your interior. Mix and match interior styles with the design of your dog crate, it can be minimalist, modern, or even vintage. Currently there are many interesting dog crate ideas that make it easier for you to put together interior concepts.


Dog crate decor ideas

Dog crates must pay attention to the safety and comfort of your pet. Start by adding cozy decor elements like pillows and mattresses, or their favorite dog toys. Its main function remains the same as a doghouse or perfect chill out spot, and if you already have a crate but it’s feeling monotonous then you can decorate too. Use coverings that match the room, paint or paint the dog crate, and add other decorative elements to the top of the crate. Dog crates can have regular doors or sliding doors, and custom doors are also welcome. Find more inspiration for your favorite dog crate below!

















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