The Wind Catcher: Professional Wind Turbine By KiteX


The Wind Catcher is a professional wind turbine made of high quality recycled filament aimed at campers, RV users, and those who want backup power in an emergency. This wind catcher was designed by Copenhagen based KiteX. Inspired by kites, this lightweight wind turbine uses strings to withstand all forces in the structure, yet is light enough to carry and assemble in just about 15 minutes.

This product is available in two versions. Working together with solar panels or separately to generate power in a situation when solar power is not enough. The 200W lite wind catcher is the ideal turbine for climates with lower wind speeds and can help run your small refrigerator, laptop, some lights, or your router. Meanwhile, the 600W wind catcher is capable of producing enough power for personal electrical equipment, charging e-bikes, power tools, and boiling water


According to Andreas Okholm, who is also the creator of the wind catcher, “’Wind catchers are durable. it will withstand average wind speeds of up to 20 m/s [45 mph] – and even higher ”. He also claims the wind catcher has the power that is anchored through the structure into the ground, meaning it is very light and strong at the same time, no need for foundations, heavy steel towers, or metal brackets. It is 6 meters high, 4 meters diameter/13 feet rotor, foldable design that can be stored in a bag made of recycled plastic and uses high strength glass fiber rods. It only takes one person to set it up and only need 15 minutes, wind catcher is also equipped with a set of high-strength nylon belt tensioning.










source: designboom

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